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March 11, 2007


I so enjoyed seeing your pretty Easter decorations ~ especially since I've been doing the very same thing this afternoon ~ unboxing the pretties, and oooo-ing and aaaaah-ing over things I'd forgotten I had!
Oh yes I remember those Leggs containers..... it's been awhile, I think, since they've packaged them that way! Love the darling crafts that your mom made! Too sweet! :)

I love your Easter vignettes, so yummy!

Love your Easter vignettes...yummy!

Hello Andrea!! Hope you are enjoying your weekend!!

Ohhh.. as always..your blog is just brimming with loveliness!!

Adore everything to bits! I am all over the foil creations from Seasons of Cannon Falls...aren't they just the greatest!! My goodness!! I wish they offered the basket in aqua too! I'd love both!

Loving the Italian Easter Cake packaging too!! I know it has to make the cake taste even better!! : )

Ohh and Girl Scouts cookies..yes yes yes!!!

Hope you are doing great!!
xoxo Jenny

hello Andrea,
i've received your email and I'll write you as soon as possible, at the moment I'm reading your wonderful blog (thank you for the link). And..yes, "Colomba di pasqua " is a great italian easter cake tradition along with the chocolate eggs for kids. Inside these eggs thre are some pretty little surprise . I'm going to buy my Colomba di Pasqua the next week and I'll post a pic of it on flick.

Cute, cute, cute! Come next Sunday out come the Easter decorations over here too.

last sunday i bought 5 boxes of girls scout cookies, they were gone yesterday! row, after row, after row of thin mints jumped into my mouth and pushed their way onto my waistline. all this, and i'm on weight watchers! down 22 lbs, and derailed by stinkin thin mints! crap!!! i'm gonna have to walk 480 miles to burn those babies off! maybe i'll just walk to your house, and admire your easter finery in person... then i'll walk back!

Have I told you yet how much I love your blog? Well, I do, sooo much! Everything always looks too pretty for words, and it never fails to inspire me. I used to hoard those eggs that my nylons came in, always thinking of things to make using them. Wish I had some still to make some sweet lil easter eggs like you posted. Now, I'm off to get me one of those baskets...

hi! i am de-lurking...i have been enjoying your blog a little while now! what sweet, cute little decorations! i was intrigued by the little 'easter' at the top...we had those little dice/letter things when i was a kid, a kind of a scrabble game...i still have them around somewhere! never thought to use them that way, as a decorative element! no, you are not the only one munching down the cookies...i find the empty boxes in my hubby's car! :o

I just love your blog!!! The Easter decorations are divine. I don't think they make the L'eggs anymore, but they have those large plastic eggs that would work wonderful. I think I'll be heading for the dollar store tomorrow. Thanks for the treat for the eyes!!

Love all your decorations! I remember L'eggs but I don't remember them coming in pink. What a great use for those!

Oh, Andrea. Your posts are always such a feast for the eyes! Don't you just LOVE Kasse, AKA Miss Duffy?!! She has the cutest stuff. Love her glittery wonderland of a shop.

I'm trying not to get started on the girlscout cookies! If I have one, I'll have 20!


Show more pictures of this room! From the reflection in the mirror, and all your beautiful things on the sideboard, it looks yummy.

Love all your spring goodies! Just delightful:) Thanks so much for sharing.

Your collection is just wonderful. I love your mother's creations. Wish I had kept the mound of L'eggs containers now!

I hopped over here from Betty Jo's ! I am glad I did! How fun!!!! I love all the Eastery goodness!

your buffet vignette is stunning!

Your Easter decorations are lovely!!! I've had my eye on that basket and set of eggs also! And the set of chenille bunnies are just too cute!

oh, darn, WHY did I get rid of my bag of L'eggs eggs, I knew I would want those one day!

I am pretty new to blogging, yours is a favorite! Thank you for sharing your Easter Decorations with all of us.

Please visit me sometimes, I will get out the glitter and glue!


Everything is so pretty...I am not sure where to start. I love it all!

Hi girl, I've been here before lurking in silence and awe-just so inspiring. When I was here last, I had no idea that you had purchased one of those darling little baskets from me. Thank you for sharig pictures of it! It is one of my favorite things- seeing what people do with all their wonderful goodies. I'm also all over the idea of a craft club. It will be in the back of my mind for weeks now. I'll be back soon. Can I add you to my blog?

Oh My! Your Easter decorations are all so lovely. My daughter-in-law is Italian from New York. I wonder if she would enjoy a cake like that one. I'll have to ask if it was a tradition in her family too. xoxox

Growing up Italian, I have to go get one of those at World Market! How fun! I spent a lot of the weekend unpacking decorations too. Isn't it so funny how we forget we had half of what we do? The thing that excited me the most was refinding my candles that look like Peeps. I am a bit of a Peep addict. If you go on my blog you'll see. www.longnecklady.blogspot.com

Hugs and happy spring!


I love each and every thing you posted! My favorite being the little decorated panty hose egg!! How wonderful that you have those crafts, and they are in such perfect condition!

Bring all the ITALIANS out!!!!
Love your site, you truly are very talented!
Come visit me soon...

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