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March 18, 2007


You have my sympathy...I`m going through exactly the same process...doing exactly the same thing...exhausted and still not finished

Looks like mine all the time! hugs to you!-Lilia

I have the same mess only mine is not crafts but books, books and more books. Now if it was crafts maybe I would clean it up quicker. Have fun in your new studio, wish I had one; maybe, just maybe I could turn my computer room into one… still with the computer there of course. I need all the research material I can get my hands on…haha.
Luv Annabelle

this is just what i have planned for my scrappy space, a little redo. glad to know we are all feeling the spring clean at the same time, today is the last day of winter. yippee skippee

I've contemplated moving my craft stuff from our basement to our attic space (bigger & brighter); then I sit and just look at what would be involved. Soon I change my mind and decide to leave things alone, at least for the time being :-)

Thank you for posting your 'in-progress' photos - I love to look at other people's stuff! And good luck with your move - things always look easier after a good night's sleep.

Good luck to you. It will all be over before you know it!

But, what a pretty mess!

But, what a pretty mess!

I am nodding my head ..yes yes yes. We know far too well about moving!! We had 2 different workshop/studios..an antique booth..and then a store!! Not too fun!! You do find things you have forgotten all about...which is nice...but oh boy I do not look forward to moving again anytime soon!!

I must say though...that is one LOVELY disaster!! : )

xoxo Jenny

Oh honey.. that looks familiar. I had to move most of my stuff out of my studio to add my shelves. I cannot imagine moving it all!! It will be worth it in the end though.. your room will be fabulous.. and I will be jealous. Hang in there and yay for your hubby!!

This cracks me up!! Oh, there is so much comfort in not being the only one who spills out from room to room, attaching to every available surface. Thank you for this post!

Oh, I'm not the only one? Eternal thanks for sharing this with us. I just moved and have put everything away EXCEPT the last room in the house . . . my workspace. Some day it will be tidy . . . maybe ;-)

Hi just found your blog and LOVE it! I can't believe there is someone else out there doing the SAME thing I am! I just switched rooms with my dh's den. I have a new desk in there and hutch. I have all my scrapbook stuff strewn everywhere and jars AND many ribbons! Good luck! cherry

Even with the mess of the move, it all looks interesting and makes me want to poke through and explore!! great stuff to work with!

New to blogland and really enjoy yours. Would love to see how your progress comes along with your new studio space. Many pretty things to look at. Congratulations with a baby in the oven too.
Happy days ahead to you.
Karla Smith

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