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February 07, 2007


Hi Andrea! Thanks for visiting my blog!
What a nice post about Miss Pauline. I like your blog so much, is full of eye candy and inspiration. I will visit often. ;)

oh wow, what a wonderful find! i love that you kept a memory drawer when you were a child. have a great day!

I am drooling over it all. What a great find!

i aDorE this special find of yours!!! what a treasure indeed.

Such a wonderful post. Memories of happy moments that lasted a lifetime.

How cool is that! She must have been quite a lady! What a treasure...keepsake....just lovely!

wow, 62 years worth of memories and then someone got rid of it - how sad, but how nice that it ended up in the hands of someone who will appreciate it! :)

Oh Andrea, what an absolute treasure!! So sweet that she kept the same scrapbook all of those years, and finding it is like knowing her isn't it? Whenever I find postcards and letters and such, I alway enjoy reading them, and trying to imagine them!

I just adore this post!! What an incredible find!! So so cool!! This book truly couldn't have found a better second home!! It will contiue to be treasured!! I love it!!! So so so fabulous!!

What a treasure!! Thanks so so much for sharing!! It really makes me so happy about the scrapbooking craze going on!! With all of this technology we have...I love that paper craft, and tangible keepsakes and momentos are on all of our minds more than ever!! So great!!

Thanks for sharing!!

XOXO Jenny

what a great find! good for you...and good for Pauline for being so organized with her precious keepsakes and memories!

You really did find a treasure. How lucky for Miss Pauline that she has someone who will take care of her memories. Thanks you for sharing them with us.


i hope you don't mind but i linked this post of yours, to my blog. i find this facinating and wanted to share with some friends of mine. let me know if you are opposed to it, and i will remove it.


This is wonderful! And I'm sure she'll be so glad that it's safe and sound with you. Enjoying your blog!

OMGosh what a wonderful find! Both Miss Pauline's scrapbook and your blog. I followed a link, can't remember at the moment where it was. I enjoyed my visit so much and will come again soon. I'm going to add your link to my blog, hope you don't mind. :0)

This really is an amazing scrapbook you found. Could we see the last page, pretty please? I want to know what it is!

I love this post! I am enamored of vintage party favors and scrapbooks. You found a great treasure. Great blog!
Dianna Castner

Ciao Andrea
Just discovered you fabulous blog, it's just divine... What a fabulous, fabulous scrapbook! Did you find out anymore about this wonderous woman? Oh she sounds just lovely, where did you find it, how did it get there? I just love this....

I love this blog! What a tremendous find, and its fitting that it be owned by someone who appreciates it. I once bought a recipe tin full of coffee cake recipes handwritten by a lady named Rose. And I dont even like coffee cake, but its just too hard to let things like that go.

Can I just tell you that this is one of my ABSOLUTE favorite post since I've been reading blogs this past year! I think it's so fitting for Valentines. The romance of it all....the memories of it all! I love how you "keep her memories safe." Anyway, I have been working on several books like this to give to my husband tomorrow on V-Days. No pictures, no words...just the events of our life to remind us of our past 11 years together)! Just thought I'd share!

Oh. Oh wow. What an amazing, precious treasure you were blessed with!

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