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February 26, 2007


Hope your little guy is better soon. The McCoy piece behind his head--that is one I am hoping to add to my collection some day. I started out collecting the pastel colored vases but usually just buy the cream now.

he is such a cutie! hope he's feeling better soon. love the collection!

Ooooo Andrea....love the McCoy! How funny...I just posted a BUNCH of pics of aqua McCoy on my blog. I have some of the same pieces of cream that you have. I mainly just pick up the aqua or the cream. I have one or two pink pieces, but I'm pretty die-hard on the aqua and cream! Love the picture of your little man, so sweet. Hope he's better soon.

You may or may not hear this all the time (and be tired of it!), but, if that is a picture of you in the upper lefthand corner, then your little one looks so much like you! He is adorable.

Oh, he is adorable!! I hope he is all better now!

Good Lord, your kid is just TOO cute!!!! Oh my goodness....what a doll.

what a cutie-pie! What's his name?

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