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February 28, 2007


Oooooo! I adore this post! I have a lingerie bag that I bought 15 years (!) ago and have never found anything else Schiaparelli. I love your collection. You've given me yet another inspiration - thanks!

Wow, just the other day I was at a thrift store and I bought 2 lingerie bags by Schiaparelli. I didn't know what I was buying, I just liked the color and pattern!
Thanks for the info.

I love Schiaparelli and the combination of pink and aqua!

Pure eyecandy here.
Love this story, and your collection.
I love those colours, pink and aqua is two favorite of mine.
I will have to keep my eyes open for these treasures.
Great post, and thanks for for visit,it's always fun to meet new friends : )

I forgot to ask. What part of Denmark did you visit? I'm glad you enjoyed it.
I try to go back twice a year, since my whole family live there, and I "keep" my parents only two grandchildren over here : ( but then again, they do enjoy all the trips they get to take over here too.
Your little boy is so handsome.
Lille boys are very special, I have one my self.

I am so jealous of your collection.
I love Schiaparelli!

All this pink gets me fired up!!! :-) Thanks for sharing!!!!

I've never heard of her before, but that's the way my world goes - always a day late and a nickel short!! Thanks for posting about her, she must have been an amazing glam-gal :)

Ooooh! Seeing these makes me a fan now! I love the pink.

I had never heard of her, but certainly lovely things! I am very intrigued!

YESSSSSSSS !!! oh dear, you just can't imagine what I am feeling at the moment.

I have read her biography when I was at the fashion college. I have always thought she deserved to be as well known as Coco Chanel. And I have always admired her perseverance, she started her own business while growing up her little daughter alone, ...if I remember well, but what I am sure about is that I admired her.

I never even thought we could buy items on ebay.

Thank you so much !!!

I also just bought two of these bags and did not know until now what they were!!!! Yay-so glad I found this post!! Thank you!

This post was written over three years ago, but I just had to find your blog post ever since I saw the photo in the Schiaparelli pool on flickr.

This is an amazing and adorable collection! I have such infinite admiration and respect for Schiaparelli, she did some truly bold and innovative things. Which reminds me that I should make a blog post about my own meagre collection some time soon. I particularly love her hats.

Thank you so much for posting!

PS, I keep finding scarves stamped Schiaparelli on ebay/etsy, but they look like they are of pretty poor quality and made long after 1954. Do you think fake designer merchandise was as widespread then as it is now?

Having just bought a vintage Schiaparelli coat,your information has been great. I would like to contact someone for info, I feel this item has had a fur collar added later, can you help

Thank you for the information. I haven't heard about her but will sure keep my eyes open for some" treasures" from her. I love the colors she use and like you said, can't believe hot pink was in back at the day....Everything in design is always a cycle, that is for sure!!

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