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February 05, 2007


you just made my morning! what pretty finds. old flowers and papers and sparklies - lucky you!

looks like you had a really good flea market day. I had to enlarge the top picture because the one of the family looked like mine!! But it isn't. I have one very much like that.
Enjoyed looking at your pictures. I go to the thrift store about twice a week, and when the weather is good, garage saleing as much as possible. Just love finding stuff, even if I don't know what I'am going to do with it.

Love all your finds! What fun!

Wonderful finds! I collect vintage barrettes too. My 15 yr. old daughter loves vintage clothes and jewelry and I always look for vintage barrettes for her to wear in her hair. The ones you found are gorgeous!
I adore the little stationery and photo albums signs!
I bet a wall filled with old hand mirrors would be beautiful!

Wow, your finds are staggering and the colours of them all tone so beautifully in your photographs!
I am a huge vintage hat fan and love to buy the mad floral ones like yours.
Look forward to your next post.

how lovely! gosh.
can i be a total copycat and start collecting vintage hairclips too? i love the idea, and i have such a girly little daughter. i promise, if we're ever at the same flea market, i'll save the good ones for you!

You certainly hit the jackpot!!! Love those hats! What fun.

Awesome finds, I'm quite envious! :) .... may I ask how you hang/display your mirrors (what type of holders/hooks you use to keep them on the wall)? Are you going to take the hats apart also? I collect all the same type items, except for the barettes which I don't find many of.

Oh! Such luck you had! I love it!

Hello Andrea,
I've just stumbled over your brand new but already oh so beautiful blog and I'm all in awe, especially after I had a look at your flickr pictures and saw your amazingly gorgeous studio *sigh*
I'm glad I have found you and will sure be back! Nice to meet you! Carol

Love your flea market finds! My kind of old finds... I must dig out my childhood rhinestone barrette.

what fabulous finds - I am absolutely green - the letters, the dice oh my what treasure - and the photos are beautiful- eb.

aaaah, can you hear me screaming!!!
I am going wild over your awesome finds!
Lovin your site!!
Saw you through Jenny's blog.
I'll be back for sure!

I love all of your treasures. Many of them are things that I have rummaged for or would love to find at a flea market one day. Thanks!

Dianna Castner

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