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April 14, 2011


Andrea, I hope you'll be making some of these for Jenn's event.
Those are oh so pretty.
Glad to see you sweet girl.
Love Claudie

only you could make kites looks so beautiful and sound simply magical x

Oooh these are absolutely gorgeous, I love them, have a wonderful day,

Well those are the prettiest kites I have ever seen! I'm in love with them.

Oh, the eye candy!! Your beautiful blog posts are always such a sweet treat!

So dreamy! ~xoxo

Great idea... love the soft colors and the kite tails!

Bella Rosa Antiques

sigh....between you and Gabrielle, I just can't get enough of the sweet creamy colors!

Oh so lovely!!

Those are beautiful. I honestly thought you had made your friends full-size lace kites at first. It's an idea :-)

Lovely Blog,Andrea.
Txs for sharing your life with us.

PS: I'm part Italian also. :-)


So pretty Andrea! The colors are amazing!

Love these. So pretty. Andrea, would you please consider doing a photo tour of your home? I would love to see your home and furnishings for ideas. I love every single thing you post and know I would go bananas if I saw your house! Pretty please? With a cherry on top?? :)

oh my gosh!! just catching up on your blog and I saw this post. LOVE these kites!! I adore pastel,girly looking things of course and I love kites. Hubby and I were married on the beach during a big kite festival. We are renewing our vows in August and having a party. I will have to make kites like these for decorations!!

Du hast Recht und ich bin froh, dass Sie sich besser f├╝hlen. Ich brauche deinen Rat befolgen! Alles Gute zum Geburtstag Weekend!

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