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January 31, 2011


WOW!! Only you can make pretty straws even prettier. I love the presentation. I also love those QUEEN FOR A DAY cups. Thanks for sharing.

Oh wow those are a great find! I will have to have those for the next Pink Girls Birthday Party our Girls Nite! Hugs, Diane

Swoon! I have two sons, but a handful or so of pink and white and lavender and white straws is good for my soul. and I LOVE the polka dotted ones as well!

Thanks so much Andrea!

these are a must-have in a house with three girls and a mom who all love pink! :) thanks for sharing!

Oh yum! Love those straws...and, of course, I love pink&white too! Just what I need to perk up this dreary winter day; thanks for the link, Andrea:)

so cute, i like the cups! reminded me of these: www.bakerella.com/paper-straws/ i made them for piper's birthday, they were yummy and cute :)

awww, i went to their site and saw they even have POLKA DOTS!
LAVENDAR and PINK polka dots!
and see? here i didnt even KNOW i NEEDED striped straws!
thanks for thinking of them for me.

too cute!!!! where did you find the cute cups?

oh sweet ! love those straws! might have to go order some. thanks for sharing the link.
have a great day

Where did you get the Queen for a day Cups- these are so adorable!!

Oh gosh - love the "Queen for a day" cups! It is the simple things like striped straws that make life sweet, lol.

L O V E the new banner!! Love this blog - would love to see a new pic of Sofia!!

love it all!! would LOVE to have the "Queen for a day" cups! where did you find them?

would love to know where you got the queen for a day cups. Thank you, Mona

Fun site Andrea!!!Now about those bracelets>>Are you making about 3 dozen?LOL I'm sure they would sell.Later,Lori

I agree with so many of the other comments...Where did you find those queen for a day cups? Do you have a link for those as well?

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