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January 24, 2011


Hi Andrea ~ They are too cute ~ And it's making me hungry for something sooo sugary sweet. I have a MAJOR sweet tooth that's not going to pair so well with my swimsuit!!!
I see your planning the all of girly birthday parties already, good for you ~ what fun ~ go Super Mom!!!

What a SWEETHEART you are so CREATIVE and so GENEROUS always willing to share your sources!! You need to post more pics of your little "Angels" They grow so quickly I know my two Grandbabies are growing up sooo fast! God Bless You and Your Beautiful Family- Laura

YUM!!! LOL! This is too cute! Arggghhh! I wish I had a Hobby Lobby around. I want some of those bracelet blanks!!

That's positively scrumptious and I am salivating! I'm going to etsy now to find some of those cabs.....

I'm making a cake tonight thanks to you! :0) Beautiful!

I am so glad you said you were getting hungry because I wouldn't want to be the only person whose sweet tooth was that susceptible to suggestion! I had some hand lotion scented like buttercream and I had to stop using the darn stuff because I walked around craving cake all the time.

Yummy...and so beautiful! And yes, now I'm craving something sweet:)

Andrea, these are just so pretty..they look edible! I hope you and your sweet family are doing well! xo natalea

LOVE that bracelet!! how totally sweet it is. it does make me think of butter cream frosting! and makes me want to eat something sweet. (I wonder if we have any brownies left!? LOL!)
have a great week

Andrea Andrea Andrea!!!!! Ahhh!!! I LOVE it!! Just so so fantastic!! :):) Making me smile so big!!

As always...you are too fab!!

xoxo Jenny

ohhhh the colors! the colors!!
you always the have exactly the right touch!!!
probably why your necklaces sell out in about two minutes. :)
very sweet!

This is beyond beautiful. I went to etsy to search for some beauties like these, and honestly I was so overwhelmed, I gave up. Have a lovely day.

omg, I can tell you I am delighted! This is absolutely adorable!
xoxo, Tiffany

I have been trying to be good too. But your delicious bracelet is tempting me to be very bad. BTW, your bracelet is BEAUTIFUL!!!

This is adorable!

This bracelet looks scrumptious and sooo edible! Ha. These would make great accessories for tea houses and tea parties for girls of all ages, so cute.

Thanks for sharing,

Gorgeous! What type of glue do you use?


Oh. My. Word. I am speechless! BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Beautiful! Adore the colors and shapes.

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Has anyone ever told you how utterly relaxing it is to view your posts and pictures? Really, there's just something about it all that makes life a bit more tranquil.


So cute...what a clever idea!

Pretty Pretty Pretty !!!! Looks good enough to eat !!!! : )

~ Wendy

Andrea, I love it! It's sugary sweet and your right, girls of any will be craving a bracelet of buttercream roses and cakes!! Yum!

As with everything you do, this is darling! They really look like real little sweets!

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