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September 09, 2009


Wow, I love everything you found, Andrea!

i have some words Andrea: gorgeous, stunning, and beautiful!!! you are so lucky...you always find the best stuff!!!

Oooh...I love the soft pink eyelet!

: )

Julie M.

wow..........great vintage purses, ribbon......everything....

" !"

Gasp, oooh and aaah!!! Pure gorgeousness!

Wowzers! Those are some FANTASTIC flea market finds! What delightful treats! :>

Oh my goodness!! Those pictures certainly don't need words to speak volumes!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy every last one of them!! : )

~ Wendy

ahhhhhhhhhhh....no words needed for these lovely images...I just want to stare at each of these images again before I go to bed tonight so I have sweet dreams! Thanksxoxoxo

Beautiful, Andrea. I am sure glad those pretty purses found you!

oh mon dieu! You got so many pretties! I'm on my way over. :)

Very pretty Finds!

too scrummy for words. I wish I had such flea markets here! So not fair!

no words needed, Im Drooling!

Wow - no words needed with all that eye candy

What beaded, lacey, ribbony goodness!! You found yourself a heavenly lot. I wonder did you hand pick everything or by a perfectly matching box lot of goodness??

Eye candy---so many beautiful things Andrea!

EVERYthing is FABulous Andrea!!! No words are needed!! Lucky girl :)

Love that purse! great pics!

Pictures worth a thousand words.....some ooohhs, aahhhs, sighs, squeals, gasps......

oh my! I am speechless too.

p.s. I need to live by you!

WOW!! Where the heck is this flea market?

Those finds are fabulous:)

beautiful photos. coveting :)

You have such an elegant eye.

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