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July 13, 2009


Love all the millinery - beautiful!

I am SO jealous of your flea market millinery heaven, Andrea. I can never find vintage flowers. Anywhere here. You found a lot of real beauties!

Oh my! All this loveliness just makes my little heart swoon! Gorgeousness!!!

Kills me all the Wonderful Millinery you always find! Im so jealous, I find Zip out here on the West Coast.. Beautiful..Jamie

Okay...I know this is very wrong, but I'm going to say it anyway...I AM SO DARN JEALOUS! I look and look and look for millinery and I never find any, not even with a sky high price tag. And you find all this loot and cheap to boot!

Whew! I feel better now! Seriously, I am happy that you found all of this beautiful millinery. I know you'll make exquisite new things with them. Have a wonderful week and can't wait to see all the new shop pretties!!


These are some of the most amazing millinery flowers I've ever seen. LUCKY DUCKY!

Oh, and P.S.... I love your banner. xo

I love your millinery pieces. I never find them around here and when I do they cost up the wazoo! Wah... LindaSonia

millinery heaven is right! My gosh.......such eye candy!

Bountiful and beautiful finds! I have been wanting to go to one of the Big Fleas. There are a few more coming up in the next month or so... I think this will be the driving force I neened to make up my mind. It's crazy around here. I will get to your emails very soon. I just needed a little break. Now, back to work for me!

I wish I had flea markets near me that offered such pretty things!

You must live in the millinery capital of the world! Your photos are always like seeing a fireworks display...oh's and ah's all around! I have never found so much as a velvet leaf here in Western NY. I guess no one ever wore such finery here in these parts. My hunt continues......

Wow Andrea, I am in So. Calif and I have never ever, ever seen that many millinery flowers in one location :) They are beautiful and well I can agree with with everyone else on these comments and be upfront and honest...I am soooo jealous! You lucky duck :) I so wish some of your 100 wishes tickets could work their magic out here for us, so we could find special finds like that :) Rose

Oh wow, and at the Big FLea? I sure didn't have that kind of luck there, good for you!

So so lovely....i can never find millinery flowers...i look high and low but never any luck...sounds like i am not the only one! I guess i will just have to enjoy them through you! Have an amazing week!

How can you find such loveliness at the flea market? Gorgeous!!!

i agree with the others- i cant find anything like that by me. all i find at the flea markets is garage sale items that no one wanted in the first place. you lucky girl!

now THAT'S a haul!!! i am jealous too Andrea...you found some real beauties!!!

Did you say new shop items. Hooray! Can't wait to see. I loved the flower parade. I wish you could find old millinery flowers like that here.

I really need to move back east again. Geez what a great find!! Over 50 items for the shop!! Have fun:) I could barely get a blog post out this morning!

You are so lucky! I always look for this stuff and never find it.

that's it! i am moving from California to the land of the Big Flea. everything out here is overpriced! i am drooling at all your amazing millinery lovliness!! thanks for taking pics for us to see...they are awesome!!

Oh, what beauty! Wish our Flea Markets had stuff like this!

I really must follow you around next time you shop at flea markets! Marvelous millinery:)

I don't know how you do it...but you always find the most beautiful millinery....actually...the most beautiful everything. I also wanted to tell you that you inspired me to make something...it's on my blog today if you wanna take a peek. Have a wonderful day!

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