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September 18, 2008


Andrea, I love your new bike!! It is perfect! I'm actually looking for a new bike too. Is it new or a vintage find?

I love your bike! I too took the plunge last year and got a bike to ride with the kids... oh did my backside hurt so it wasn't used very much. This year my dh found a cushy, padded seat and now the kids, my dh and I are riding more! What a little cushion will do!

That bike is a beauty! Wherever did he find that?



Love the bike!!! Enjoy cruising ;)

Oh my, I can not believe my eyes. yesterday, I pulled out my 1958 baby blue and white Schwinn my dear dad bought me. I have not been on it in 5 years....I even used the air compressor to fill my tires.
When I saw your post with your ever so pretty bike I did a double take because I also photographed mine in front of my gate- minus the Italian paper.
p.s. what a great guy George is.

It's the perfect bike (with the perfect basket and perfect goodies in the basket). I love it!!

Too sweet! My pink (vintage) bike is in the works up in our shop! It's been there, all apart, waiting to be painted for a oouple months now! Time flies! Have fun biking with the family, it's one of my favorite activities!

Nice Wheels!!! You guys will have so much fun riding together. One of my favorite memories, when my kids were young, probably 6, 8 and 10ish, they gave me a bike for Mother's Day. One of my alltime favorite photos is one of them squealing with delight when I walked out in the garage to see the big surprise ~ they were so excited for me! That summer we rode alot, and took our bikes on vacation with us ~ such happy memories. Have fun with your (three!) boys biking!

how carefree and lovely...

Your bike is just adorable!


This is such a cute post. It made me giggle. I love your new bike. Your husband is right, it is perfect for you! Enjoy!

What a beautiful bike and a delicious wicker basket! Rachaelxo

I am positively drooling. I Love That Bike! Where, oh, where did your wonderful George find it? We too have been talking about getting ourselves bikes so that we can keep up with the boys on bike rides(right now we walk/run behind them with the baby in the stroller huffing and puffing like idiots). What fun! That basket is perfection. I think that your contents are hilarious but it is exactly the kind of thing that I would put in mine. I'm not above sticking a few lovely ribbons in the ends of the handle bars either;) Enjoy your new ride!

Oh, I just love your bicycle and that basket on there just completes it. What fun. It's much better than the bikes with all of the speeds and the seats that make you feel like you going to fall over the handlebars---my son had one like that and when I "tried" to ride it--oh it was a sight to see!

Oh andrea, it's wonderful! Where on earth did George find it? It is simply lovely. We have been talking about getting bikes too so that we can keep up with our boys rather than speed walking in their dust with the baby in a stroller. I love that basket, those are just the type of things that I would put in mine too. I'm not above putting some pretty ribbons in the ends of the handles bars either. Nice ride. Enjoy it!

So cute! I'd love a vintage look bike like that...my hubby is more cutting edge...he'd have a coronary if I put a basket on my crossover bike. :) Give that man of yours a hug for me too!

Woweee! That's a sharp ride! Very funny and cute post. It is a blast to go riding with the Fam.- you all will get hooked, trust me. :) Now you just need to get a sweet helmet to match. Take Care and have fun riding.......

Hi Andrea,
I recently got an Electra bike similar to yours (The Babe). I ride everyday to my job at the library. It IS the greatest fun, and good exercise too! I hope you enjoy yours as much as I do mine. I also really enjoy reading your blogs.
Teresa the Library Lady

I love your bike! Quick question- What kind is it? I bought a bike several years ago but it's not exactly what I wanted - The brakes are on the handles! Ugh! I wanted one with the brakes on the pedals like they were when I was little. Does yours have the brakes on the pedals? If so, could you pass along your source?
Thanks so much- Stacey Newton

does that mean george got the marin hawk?!? HA-HA~ that wouldn't be fair, you didn't get that cabinet...but you did get that sweet bike!! nice!

CUTE bike! And so definitely YOU, Andrea! What a great guy to see this and know it was you. Love the basket too, what a fun touch. I'd go biking much more willingly if I had such a fun set of wheels!

I LOVE your new bike. Have fun riding with your boys!


How Cute is that Girl!! Great Way of Exercise too.. We need to see some family pix of everyone on their bikes...Jamie

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