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September 04, 2008


Andrea, thanks for sharing your trip with us, looks like it was fab! Can't wait to see all the goodness you found from the show....

oh you and hope look so cute !!!! can't wait to see what you found !

so much fun!

What I wouldn't do for a good Italian cookie about now!!!
Looks amazing!
We go to a place here called Cafe Roma!
Glad you had a great time!!!
Holy Cannoli!!

Sesame Place on Labor Day weekend, that brings back memeories. We took my daughter there on Labor Day weekend about 10 years ago- BIG MISTAKE! It was so mobbed we could barely move! We went back the next year earlier & it was much better. It is a cute little park, but was too small for the kind of crowds it attracts, I hope they have expanded the park since then or you had better luck!

Oh cannoli, you are killing me
;-) xoxoxo Clarice

Been reading over your New York posts, sounds like you guys had a ball!

Oh it was so much fun wasn't it?! Until next year... but I am not sure I can wait a whole year for to have those cookies again!

"And to think that {you} saw it on Mulberry street..." Do you remember the Dr. Suess book by that name? It was one of my favorites:) Love, love all the photos, Andrea, thanks for sharing!

Wow, I can't get over the Basil out on the sidewalks. yummm, i would have walked right off with one of those gorgeous and so yummy herbs. What fun...Jamie

Oh, Cannoli! I wanna be bad with you! ;-)

Have a nice weekend.

What a amazingly fun girls day! Thank you for sharing.

Looks like a great time! Hey! You were close to me in Pennsylvania!~xo

~I enjoyed all of your trip pictures. Thanks for sharing~! ~Mandy

I had fun meeting up with you and Hope!!! And lovely snapshots of NYC. . .I miss it already. The kids had so much fun, and I can't wait to go back!

o.k. i know this is my second comment, but i just tagged you my friend.

It looks like you had so much fun in New York!! :-) love the shirts the boys are wearing in the post a few below. So cute!!!!
xoxo britt

Where else, you say?
Why Toronto, Canada, of course. I did a double-take with that top photo, cans of basil plants included, and the photo of Caffè Roma; it could have been straight out of Little Italy right here where I live.

Siamo tutti collegati!

Ciao, Colette

Andrea, what a WONDERFUL trip! Little Italy reminds me so much of "The Burg" in Trenton, NJ - Trenton's "Little Italy", where I spent so many happy days with my Italian friends! Thanks for the memories!


Just discovered your blog and I just love it, especially because I am Italian.Isn't it wonderful that there are so many 'Little Italy' neighbourhoods for everyone to enjoy?
Thank you for the memorable pictures.

I see that you were dining at my # 1 favorite restaurant in all of NYC -- DaNico's. I eat here on a regular basis. Nothing beats dining al fresco in their tree-lines oasis out back. You'd never know that you were in the middle of NYC. Next time you want pasties, try La Bella Ferrara's 2 blocks down from DaNico's. Joanne

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