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February 07, 2008


Congrats! She is one LUCKY girl. :)

ooooOOOOhhhhh!!! Happy happies to Jennifer.

Congratulations to jennifer.

Congrats to Jennifer!!

Congrats Jennifer!
Have fun shopping!

Congrats Jennifer!!!
I'm so jealous! ;O) Have fun with it!

Jennifer, we are all wishing you happy shopping!

Wow! I am soooo excited. I never when anything and I didn't know there was anything to win...even more exciting. Yahoo. That totally made my night. Thanks!

Opps sorry...I promise I know how to spell win. Hahaha! I think I am just so excited.

congratulations to the lucky winner

Congrats Jennifer!!

Lucky, Lucky Jennifer...Congratulations!

Congratulations Jennifer!!

I can't think of a sweeter soul to win...

Speaking of sweet souls, I am so very glad you have reopened your boutique Andrea.

My hopes are that you needn't eat the left over crusts of your children's sandwhiches while treating the rest of us like royalty!!

I am glad you are off to a great start with the reopening!! Here's hoping a full lunch is in your future;)

Britta Lee

Hi Andrea, Congratulations to Jennifer, she is one lucky girl :) Jenn and Jacqui

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