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July 21, 2007


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Your studio is just stunning and a work of art itself! I love your garland and all the fun things hanging from it. Great inspiration!

I recently discovered your blog while blog hopping.

It is a real feast for the eyes and food for the soul.

Happy Sunday xxx

Your studio is inspirational. Thanks for sharing. I'll look into Portals - I'm a magazine fanatic. It's always great to hear about a new one. Thanks!

Congratulations!!!!! I love the pictures of your fun workspace. I love even more that you had to clean up for the photo shoot. That's wonderful!!! Really!

You are an inpiration to all of us.
Thanks for showing us your beautiful art and workroom.

love love love the pom pom garland - might need to copy it! the studio is divine - mine will never look like that i am just too messy but I can live vicariously can't I ?

Love the pictures of your studio & the garland. Thank you for sharing!


I have been lucky enough to STAND in your studio and look at everything in person... and I must say, it is a DREAM to be there - I love it and can not wait to come back someday and have a play date (a non computer one!)

hello wonderful pictures and i love to see what you are up to!

Wow!!Too cool for words..Your talent is so apparent..Val

Oh what wonderful and inspiring pictures of your work and studio Andrea! Congratulations on being published again! I love hat boxes too and pom pom trims, but the pom pom trim garland is just the best idea! Love it! Thank you for sharing! Have a creative week! Hugs Carol xox

What a lovely studio - I'm very jealous lol. Your work is gorgeous, congratulations on getting published!

Love the garland!!!!!! Where did you find the the little coat hanger???? I have a photo I want to hang and would love one of those hangers!!!!!

I wish i could fly at your studio and create some pretty little things with you!

Enchanting!!! <3


beautiful workspace. i love the wire dressform & baskets especially!

Beautiful workspace - I try but mine is in my kitchen and is a jumble at the best of times! Looking forward to your store and hope it goes very well ( and smoothly ) for you!

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